In the comfort of your own home, all classes are adaptable to suit your needs, schedule and physical condition. It is all up to you to settle for a dynamic or restorative practice – or a healthy mix of both !

The first class includes an interview and a short physical check in to better assess the direction and goals of your classes :
the possibilités and endless – do feel free to share your needs and questions, so I can design a personalised practice.


The class starts with a few yoga postures and a short pranayama (breathing) session to encourage you attention to settle into the body and your mind to relax, which are followed by a guided meditation. It ends with a check in for you to share your experience and questions if you like, and refine your understanding of the practice.

The goal of these classes is to teach you, step by step, the breathing and attention techniques which can allow you to develop, over time, your own daily meditation practice.

(classes in English or in French)