JIKAN n. in the Japanese Zen tradition, the ordinary silence; the silence between two thoughts.

In a world of possibilities, distractions and challenges, our attention is our most precious resource.
It is abundant, it is immediate, it is flexible, and better yet – it is free.

We don’t need to escape to a deserted island to find stillness and balance.
If our lives feel busy and noisy and unpredictable, then let us sit right where we are.

When we practice, the moving body connects us to our inner and outer world.
In the stillness of meditation, the movement of the breath is our anchor into the here and now.

The present moment is always moving, and so are we.

Refining our attention as individuals, we refine our relationship to our environment and to others.
For a life and a world in better harmony with nature, and a society moving towards more kindness and balance.