I have been working for the past 3 years with various companies of all sizes and activities, offering

  • short term PROGRAMS  specifically designed to bring together mindfulness and stress-reducing relaxation techniques to the corporate environment : I aim to offer you simple and efficient solutions to meet the demands of your professional life. The sessions are practiced sitting on a chair, one hour a week during 6 weeks. I provide each participant with a practical recap, and I remain available for a personalized follow-up by mail if need be.
  • WEEKLY YOGA classes : the length and the style of the classes can be adapted to suit your needs – I take into account every group’s specificity to design a practice bringing you the best yoga has to offer.

Corporate group classes

      • help to significantly reduce relational and professional stress
      • encourage focus and team work
      • specifically target back pain, as well as the other areas of the body which suffer from the time spent sitting at a computer, for a relaxed mind in a pain free body
      • provide each participant with practical tools to refocus and find more ease in their daily work life.

Meditation quiets the mind and teaches us to better manage our attention, for more receptivity and creativity.

Prices can vary according to the number of participants – please get in touch for more details.

(classes in English or in French)