On Recovery

17 June 2019

Every day I sit and breathe and I remember why I am compelled to share the wonderful gift that is Yoga.

I practiced hard to make a shelter and a home out of my breath.
To make a friend and an ally of my body.

When I grew up, my body was not my friend. Neither was my mind.


Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker / A Love Supreme

« The way we walk, run, the way we handle gravity and verticality carries an emotional meaning. Not only physically, but in the very way we relate to the world.

Our way of composing with gravity always reveals something about our attitude towards a superior power ; the tension between these two tendencies, between our desire to strive towards higher grounds and our inner consent to what brings us back to the earth, shows us our limits and define us as humans. »



12 March 2019

What are you creating space for ?

When you settle into an Asana, you embody Posture.

Posture is not just the way we carry the weight of our bodies.
It is the distribution of our energy and presence in movement and in stillness.

From its very origin, ‘posture’ stems for the Latin word ‘positura’, which has both a physical and a mental meaning: Position + Disposition.


‘Yoga is like music: the rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind, and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.’

Singers and musicians friends!
Your body is your instrument 🔉
Come breathe and move and discover new, delicious and subtle ways you can get tuned into your very best potential.
On and off the mat.
On and off the stage.

After extensive years of training in classical music, I strive to design classes especially suited to meet the demands of a musician’s practice.

BKS Iyengar & Yehudi Menuhin

On Traveling Light

13 February 2019

Do you feel like an urban Atlas, carrying the world on your shoulder ?
Atlas is also the name of the top vertebra holding our skull, and it’s always nice to give it room to breathe.

Let’s experience what it feels like to break free of the baggage we insist we must hold on to.



25 January 2019

This is it ! 2019 is here, party’s over, resolutions are made (and possibly already unmade twice).

Like snakes, we are eager to shed our old skins.

We know that resolutions made with the best intentions can set us up for unreasonable expectations and harsh self-judgment.
Tightness where there should be space – blinders where there should be perspective.

Let’s manifest intention without grasping.
Day to day, moment to moment, breath to breath.
Letting our intention come through right here, right now, instead of the magical land called tomorrow.


15 January 2019

I just read a Forbes article about setting up your own meditation room – apparently you need space, the right orientation for light and sound, designer candles, and possibly an interior fountain.

This is what my space looks like. I sit close to a window, and it sometimes feels like I am practicing in the middle of the street, which I love.

1 square meter and a few minutes are plenty enough – that’s the beauty of it 🙏