I discover Ashtanga Yoga in 2007 in Paris and in Mysore, India.
The practice soon brings along a newfound and precious connection to my body and my breath.

I start a two-year Anusara Yoga Teacher Training in London (TriYoga) in 2013,
with Bridget Woods Kramer.
Since then, I keep in line with the teachers who have guided me through the years, such as Liz Lark, Elena Brower and Graham Burns.

I broaden my practice and my classes with gentler styles such as Restorative Yoga, and Yin Yoga, which I discovered with Sarah Powers.

I’ve been meditating since 2010.

The flow of the yoga poses had always felt like a moving meditation, and my first session is a revelation: despite its rigour, it strikes me as a powerful and essential tool for stillness, as simple as it is accessible.

I complete my Meditation Teacher Training in London (YogaCampus) with Michael Stone, a psychotherapist and teacher of Zen philosophy.

My classes are deeply rooted in Yoga and Zen philosophy, and I seek to create bridges through movement and breath awareness to bring these precious and ancient tools into our Western and modern lives.


Juliette de Cointet



Photo: Eric Atlan for CasaYoga